What is Sex Sonics?

“I had an orgasm just watching it”

We have been forever conditioned to “keep the lid on” or to “keep it down” when sounding our sexual pleasure. This has resulted in a diminished capacity of experiencing our pleasure and the fullness of our sexual nature.

Remember a time when you’ve been really vocal with your sexual expression, do you remember how alive you felt? how it heightened your experience? how much more pleasure you were able to feel? Now remember an experience of how you felt when you were totally silent…..

Conscious sound creates more presence, aliveness, connectedness, embodiment & more pleasure. It offers us an incredible sense of freedom and expansiveness when we reclaim our right to “make noise” and be heard.

Sex Sonics opens up the energy channels of the body through tuning forks and sounding.  It particularly relates to opening up the throat and the central channnel or the “inner flute” that connects the throat to the genitals.

orgasm3bw-250x319Benefits of a Sex Sonics session may include:-

  • Shifting out of your mind and into your body
  • Enjoying deep relaxation & alleviation of any stress
  • Releasing tension or energy that may be blocking your body’s natural ecstasy
  • A kind of sonic de-armouring
  • Feeling more tuned into your body, your desires and how you really feel
  • Feeling more sensitised with increased sexual pleasure in your body during lovemaking
  • Accessing deeper states of body awareness & attunement on a spiritual, mental & emotional level
  • Feeling more energised on a daily basis
  • Receiving more mental clarity & become more present
  • A deeper and more restful sleep
  • Assisting to alleviate pain or contraction held in your body

In a Sex Sonics bodywork session, it can either be fully clothed or not depending on the preference of the client during their session.  We use body maps of specific meridian points for different sexual issues.  Meridians are energy pathways of the different organs throughout the body.  We focus on moving sound and frequency through the various meridians of the body. We can stimulate our kundalini flow, encourage deeper levels of full body arousal, increase our capacity for orgasm, melt tension & express a full range of emotion. Sound helps us to express our feelings and release any fears, trauma, or past history, without having to engage in “the story” or the mind.  It supports us in getting out of the mind and into our body.

Co-Created by Sound Healing Practitioner, Eeshi-Ra Hart (Bali) and Somatic Sex Educator, Eve Glimma (Australia), Sex Sonics bodywork sessions are now available with Eeshi-Ra by emailing her here, and you can book your session with Eve in Byron Bay, Australia here.

You can also attend a Sex Sonics Workshop or become a Sex Sonics Practitioner.  See Events click here for dates.