The female clitoris and Barry White

Well how interesting is it to have those two subjects in the same sentence!

Sex Sonics, Eve Glimma, Ashera Hart, solfeggio, sex and soundMany years ago when I was studying at the Globe Sound & Consciousness Institute in San Francisco, where I now teach on the faculty myself, Maestro Curtis was one of the teachers at that time.  He told us a fascinating story of his famous friend singer Barry White, who had discovered the frequency at which the female clitoris vibrated at.  From that moment on, he wrote most of his songs in the same musical key and it had a lot of women going crazy at his concerts!  No wonder!

Interestingly, this same frequency also relates to the primordial “Om” which is what Indian classical musicians tune their instruments to.  Hari Prasad doesn’t even need to use an electronic tuner, because he “hears”/feels the vibration internally.  This “Om” frequency also relates to the Earth’s rotation around the Sun and so it can be used to help calm, centre and ground us.  So beautiful to know that a very important part of the female anatomy (the clitoris) is so tuned into the Earth’s vibrations.

This frequency is one of a series that we use for sexual healing with our Level 1 training.

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