Tuning Forks

Sex Sonics Level 1 Tuning Fork set (4 tuning forks)

Level 1 Forks MainThis tuning fork set comprises of special alchemically-created highest quality tuning forks featuring 396Hz, 528Hz, 111Hz & 136.1Hz sound healing frequencies.  With a FREE 30 page eBook (“Sex Sonics Sound Healing”) to get you started on sacred, sense-u-all vibrations!

There are many benefits, when used regularly, which may include:-

  • Shift out of your mind and into your body
  • Enjoy deep relaxation & alleviation of any stress
  • Release tension or energy that may be blocking your body’s natural ecstasy
  • Feel more tuned into your body, your desires and how you really feel
  • Feel more sensitised with increased sexual pleasure in your whole body during lovemaking
  • Access deeper states of body awareness & attunement on a spiritual, mental & emotional level
  • Feel more energised on a daily basis
  • Receive more mental clarity & become more present
  • Enjoy deep and restful sleep
  • Help alleviate pain
  • Energise your food and water
  • Clear energy (create sacred space) in your home or workplace

and help others do the same, and combine the frequencies with the breath,
voice and movement to take the healing journey deeper.

There is something for everyone with this set!

PRICE:          (+ postage & packing).  N.B. Please note that the postage will be manually calculated after your order is received and then we will separately bill you for that amount depending on where you are located on this amazing planet!