Sound is Profound

The power of sound to deeply relax and energetically shift the body and beyond!

Tuning in to a whole other level!

It was during a juice cleanse when I was also unplugging from mobile phones and computers/technology that I decided to go on a journey with the tuning forks I already use for sessions with my clients, to explore how they could be used for healing our sexuality.  Being someone who also loves to use my voice and make sound, however it wants to express itself, I was excited to see what would unfold.

I started with a tuning fork that is very helpful for grounding and getting you more connected to your body, and I placed it on my pubic bone.  Within a few seconds, I could feel it vibrating all the way down my legs, which I found deeply relaxing.  I then placed it on both hip bones and it started releasing tension in my hips and opening up the energy pathways/chakras in my feet.  It also started to stimulate my yoni deeply all the way around the inside of my womb.  When I intuitively started working with a specific movement with the tuning forks on the exhale, it also released pockets of trapped energy, pain and tension in my back, knees, feet and the deeper set muscles in my legs.  It was wonderful to feel how sound could so quickly and easily tap into these levels of holding in my body that I previously had not been aware of.
Male pleasure soundingThe second time I worked with this particular frequency, I got deeper release in my buttocks, thighs and feet chakras and interestingly also on the top of my feet.  I also combined this with listening to a 1 hour length of The Unity Codes available here which helps the body access a far deeper level of sensitivity.  At the beginning, I also became aware of pain in my womb like period pain, quite strong and deep and when I started using the same tuning fork technique on my pubic bone and hips, I received more release of muscle tension in my inner and outer thighs.  Spontaneously I went into freely sounding and then I focused it using various sounding techniques and found it shifted some pain that I was previously unaware of too.  It took me by surprise and it was pretty intense.  I continued to receive deep energetic release and then I rested for about 5 minutes to let the vibrations settle.   My whole body was tingling and my yoni too!  I was more open and became more aware of the pain in my thighs where I’d been holding tension.  I incorporated more breath, sound and movement to increase the release.  With a different frequency that is more beneficial for bringing fresh energy and more expansion in the body, I had a similar effect, although not as activating physically.  This had a more refined feeling, a shimmering vibration through my lower body.  The second time I used this tuning fork, it also released more muscle tension release.  Even though I only did this for 30 minutes, I had to stop because it had created some intense shifts and released some more painful tension which left me feeling quite raw, tired and pretty sensitive.
Is sound useful?  Can it reach the parts other things cannot reach?  I think so!
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