Shut Up Be Quiet Keep it Down

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We’ve been forever conditioned to keep the lid on!  Whether it’s from our parents, teachers, preachers, work boss or colleagues and sometimes even our peers.  We learnt from an early age that somehow our feelings weren’t heard, acknowledged, and sometimes not even cared about.


And it still goes on today.  I take a walk into any shopping area, and still hear mothers telling their children to “sshh” because the sound of their cries might upset other people.  It also happens in schools with how teachers sometimes heavyhandedly treat kids.  They don’t want to upset the status quo, so children should be seen and not heard is still very much around, and that kind of control around making louder sounds has perpetuated into our adult life.  It’s regularly reinforced in social situations, at work, and even whilst self pleasuring, or making love.

So as a result, we learn to stop expressing what we really feel, we don’t want to upset others (in truth, our noise/pain/fun/pleasure triggers them and they don’t want to feel challenged in that moment) and so we learn to compromise our needs, we minimise our natural aliveness, self-expression, radiance, beauty, sexual power, pleasure and learn to feel fear or guilt of being seen or fully heard in all our alive glory!

Society wants us to be achievers, have it all sorted and always be on top form.  So when someone asks us “How are you?”, we might feel a necessity to not really express where we’re really at, and instead reply “Oh, not bad, thanks” or “I’m fine”, when in fact we might not be feeling so great, and feel that we have to wear a mask.

As adults we may also inhibit the natural expression of the body that knows how to heal itself.  Take the example of a child falling down in the playground.  What’s the first thing that child will do?  Normally, they will start to cry using a loud and wide sound “wahh” which is a great way of helping the body shift the pain and the shock of the fall.  And what often happens if we’re an adult?  We may hold all that pain in, wanting to appear “strong” or to show we have “got it altogether” or simply because it’s just not “a convenient time to fall apart”.

The voice is a powerful tool when used consciously and lovingly as it can help us free up stuck energy and helps us authentically engage with our feelings.

Sex Sonics allows us to connect with the body’s natural ability to heal itself using breath, sound and movement, combined with tuning forks.

orgasm coupleWhen we learn to reconnect with our natural self expression and pleasure in either a one-on-one session or a supportive group environment, we can then take that empowerment back into our lives, to our communities and workplaces, taking a beacon of freedom, a beacon of love that helps not only ourselves, but helps others.  Inspiring others to give themselves the permission to be real about how they really feel, & supporting them in dropping any masks they might have.   It’s such a relief when we share our vulnerability with another and it creates more safety, intimacy and connection with others in our lives.

Sex Sonics creates a safe and sacred container with the power of sound to give you that permission to let it all hang out, whatever it is, however it sounds, and once it has been felt, acknowledged and embraced, we can then move past it, without having engaged in the story, but simply by giving it a voice, what may have previously felt too much, was quickly released & soon becomes a distant memory.  We return to the world more alive, free, expressive, expansive, ecstatic, empowered and ultimately we then bring more of ourselves and our awesome natural joy and potency to the world.

Are you ready to tune into a whole other level?  Come and join us for a Sex Sonics session or training.

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