Byron Sex and Consciousness Conference

It was such an honour to be invited to present Sex Sonics at the Byron Sacred Sex & Consciousness conference in Australia in March 2015.  We had over 45 people show up!

We presented an introductory workshop on SEX SONICS – Awakening the Ecstatic Response
The Facebook link is here, the website here & the full program here

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Sound with consciousness is one of the most powerful tools for healing and personal evolution available to humanity. This workshop covered:-

  • An introduction to the power of sound,
  • A background in sound healing frequencies and what they can accomplish for a client
  • Why the voice of both the practitioner and the client are important aspects of a sound healing session,
  • The influence of intention on the healing practice,
  • How to tune into the frequencies personally, tuning your voice and body into a tuning fork which naturally encourages the client to resonate with you.
  • Breath, sound and movement techniques on maintaining the presence of both the practitioner and client or sexual partner with their beloved, and explore how this presence plays a key part in the process of healing.

Byron workshop2

In “Awakening the Ecstatic Response” we focused on the use of sound to release tension, grief, and anger, allowing the body to release stored trauma. How sound can be used to stimulate the clitoris, move the client to orgasm, and encourage the flow of kundalini throughout the body.

“Awakening the Ecstatic Response” provides a practitioner or sexual explorer, with tools that can help facilitate healing for the client, or themselves and their partner on the deepest and most personal level and to help release the key blockages to true intimacy and personal comfort.

If you would like to experience the potency of this new sexual healing modality in your area, please contact us here

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